Tsvetelina Karastancheva

I’m a UK  based professional web & graphic designer with 7 years of experience in graphic & web design and over 15 years in fine arts. I specialize in web design, logo design, branding,  and offer design services to businesses of all sizes around the world, ultimately improving their bottom line by crafting creative solutions to their business problems.

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Design from New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria. I have 10 years of experience in graphic & web design and over 20 years in fine arts.

Every website I build is hand-designed and developed with care and attention, made to achieve outstanding, unique and memorable user experience, at the same time removing unnecessary costs and offering lower prices than other agencies. I’ve been trusted by over 100 different businesses, organisations & agencies in the last 5 years.

My clients are always My first priority.


2005-2009 High school of Fine Arts

2005-2013 BACHELOR’s DEGREE. QUALIFICATION – DESIGNER. New Bulgarian University / Sofia, Bulgaria. 










Designing is my pasion


Growing up, I was always passionate about art—always interested in creating. From elementary school through high school, I took a series of independent art lessons where I was able to experiment and learn with different media, materials and techniques.

The computer is a world full of tools, you can set a type, you can draw, you can visualize in 3D, playing around with colors and shapes, textures and imagery. You can create visual messages that control the human subconsciousness. You can design every aspect of every page, upload it or print it, and have the results in seconds. the whole show is in the box on the desk.

My principles of work

Working closely with the client learn about what the company do in details. Researching trends to see what works for customers. Handle with deadlines and work irregular hours. 

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