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How Much Does A Website Cost ?

How much does a website cost in UK?

 Websites prices may vary from a few hundreds to thousends pounds. It is very difficult to answer how much exactly. Why such a big differencein pricing? It all depends on what your expectations and your goals are. Do you need to spend thousands, or could you simply build it yourself? How much should I invest? What happens after that, what are the outgoing monthly costs? It is very confusing and difficult to get it clear, especially when your google searches gives you clashing information.

These are always some of the questions that you wonder if  you plan to have a website for your business or your personal use. The number of the existent websites is growing daily.



When you ask different companies, freelancers or other organisations in UK how much a website will cost you, the price they will give you probably will be between £500 and £15,000 in total. There is always a difference in the price and this is because there are different types of websites.

Here are the three major types of websites:

Brochure £500-£1,500 (Best for small businesses in traditional industries, Freelancers, that need to update their content regulary. Responsive website. One to 5 pages with a contact form functionality) 

eCommerce £1000-£3,000 (For any business looking to sell online. Ecomerce functionality, Order management system.)

Complex Website or Web App £3,000-£15,000 (Business requiring complex functionality eg. financial services, recruitment or property companies, health and fitness businesses, architects etc. Database driven websites Advanced functionality Unlimited sub pages)

The price of each of these types of website is individual. It depends on a lot of factors. GET A FREE QUOTE TODAY to help you understand what kind of price to expect for the website you need.

Get rough outlines for common options. Figure out the costs of the different website components in detail. Than you can pick and choose options depending on your own requirements and budget.

What Does the Cost of a Website incudes?

  • Domain & Hosting.
  • Design/Development
  • Maintenance

Depending on your capabilities you can decide whether to invest money to have a professionalist to do your website or the time to learn how and do it yourself.

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